Tulip shape latte 10 oz without saucer

by Inker

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Product details and specifications

Solid and resistant the tulip shape cappuccino is ideal for lovers of cappuccino. European design and recognized for their quality and elegance, the use of high-quality materials ensures the longevity of the cup.

  • The porcelain and the thickness of the walls allow a better retention of the heat.
  • Its weight and ergonomics ensure a better concentration 
  • The hand-applied color, the acid-resistant glaze and its thick vitrified finish make it durable and resistant to chips and commercial washing.
  • Saucer NOT included

Cappuccino lovers will appreciate this tulip shape for personal consumption, to give as a gift or for commercial purposes. This cappuccino cups will help you to accommodate a smooth espresso-based coffee with milk-steamed milk.

Dimensions Weight
Height 8.8 cm
Diameter: 9.8 cm
309 g


We can custom print on cups

Offered for a minimum of 48 units. Send us an email with models and quantity to get a pricing.