rCUP: The Reusable Coffee Cup that Reduces the Ecological Footprint

rCUP: The Reusable Coffee Cup that Reduces the Ecological Footprint

April 17, 2019

As part of BeCoffee values, we are always looking for eco friendly products. We found the rCUP and literally fell in love with. It's nothing less than the world's first reusable cup made from disposable coffee cups.

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By adopting rCUP, you save from throwing away more than 350 cups from landfill and contribute directly to the recycling of used cups. In each 8 oz rCUP, 4 disposable cups are recycled and it goes to 6 for the 12 oz.

Verre de carton à café

The rCUP is made from 40% recycled content with the outer thermal layer being 30% cups and 70% recycled polymer, sourced from used lids and plastic cups. The remaining 60% is made from virgin plastic, due to food safety requirements.

Ashortwalk, together with their partners, is in the process of developing a food-grade recycled PP polymer, and they hope to implement this into production by mid-2019. This would be another world’s first.

The main advantages of the rCUP:

  • Made of 40% recycled materials
  • Fully insulated
  • Full aroma for more flavor
  • 360 degres drinking like a normal open cup
  • Easy to open/shut
  • 100% leak proof 
  • 100% recyclable ans BPA Free
  • Can be customized with logo
  • Dishwasher safe

In most cases your rCUP will keep your drink warm for over 90 minutes - plenty of time, even for the most slow-supping coffee drinker. And generally speaking we found that rCUP loses about 10 ̊C of heat for every 30 minutes. Because rCUP is so easy to open and close - just pop – you should always keep your rCUP shut when you’re not drinking, to help your drink stay warmer for that little bit longer.

The rCUP is designed for about ten years use.

Take the opportunity to get yours, free shipping with the purchase of two rCUP with the discount code RCUPFOR2.

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