Customize your coffee cups with your own logo and / or your brand image

Customize your coffee cups with your own logo and / or your brand image

September 04, 2019

Customize coffee cup with logo

Your regular customers as well as new ones are part of your natural everyday ambassadors. That's why you would like to have a small part of yourself displayed with every cup of coffee to drink on the spot or to take away.  The good news is that we can customize your coffee accessories. From the Inker coffee cup to the rCUP reusable coffee cup and barista aprons, we can affix your logo, corporate identity or message, and it will withstand washing.

Customization of coffee accessories at BeCoffee


Feldspar's high composition rate, which, after the heating method, gives the Inker cup its vitrified finish and commercial grade quality, requires customization that resists commercial washing. For this reason, we prefer to use pad printing to affix logos. This process, which is done manually, ensures that your corporate identity will be as resistant as your cups.

“At Structure Torréfacteur, our approach is to reveal the work of the producers. We believe that coffee gains its character on the farm. That's why our roasting is designed to preserve these flavours. It is important for us to present their work in a cup that enhances this tasting experience. That's why we chose Inker coffee cups.”

Marco Dieckmann, Co-owner - Director of Development and Marketing at Structure Torréfacteur

For the reusable rCUP coffee cup, we had to identify the right combination of pad printing and ink, as it is made from recycled paper cups. We have succeeded in achieving this. Of course, we are always looking for the greenest products possible to customize, although for the moment, it is not yet possible to find any.
Customize reusable cup with logo
Why pad printing? Because screen printing does not adhere well and laser engraving damages the materials, thus reducing the strength and durability of the cup. Pad printing also makes it possible to print well on curved shapes with precision.

“An rCUP coffee cup was distributed to all employees, who immediately adopted it because of its innovative and robust design! In addition to being environmentally friendly, it is very convenient for both office and field employees.”

Julie Turmel, Communications Officer, Port of Québec

Customization time

As soon as you have confirmed an order for coffee accessories with us, we offer you, free of charge, the positioning of your logo or text on the cup. Once the model is approved, it takes about 10 business days to customize. This time is necessary to ensure production, handling (because each cup is pad-printed manually), and above all an optimal drying time. Otherwise, your customization will not be as resistant.

Customization beyond the logo

BeCoffee always wants to meet your needs as accurately as possible. So we offer three forms of customization for your coffee accessories:

  • Logo printing - illustrations - text - on one or both sides, in one or four colours, on the walls of the coffee cup or reusable coffee cup
  • Inker or rCUP coffee cups can be customised according to your pantone colour or for complete customised packaging (from a minimum quantity)
  • Embroidery on apron; 
  • Hitting boxes for filter holders and coffee presses with your logo
  • Any other custom request

Logo on coffee cups

“I really like Inker coffee cups because they stand out. They are resistant and do not stain. With the old cup models, we had to soak them every week. But with Inker cups, no need, they are sparkling at all times.”

 Josée Potvin, Partner and Director of Operations, Groupe Restos Plaisirs


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