BeCoffee's participates in 2018 East Coast Coffee Madness

BeCoffee's participates in 2018 East Coast Coffee Madness

October 09, 2018

On October 1 2018, for International Coffee Day, BeCoffee participated for the first time at the East Coast Coffee Madness event in Montréal. It was a day that drew in third-wave coffee lovers, café owners and baristas to exchange, learn, discover new challenges in the world of coffee and develop business relationships. The event was sold out and brought together people from across Canada and USA.

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For our first event, we did not know what to expect, being the new kids on the block. We were completely stunned by the popularity of FrankGreen's reusable mug, our organic cotton filters and the Inker coffee mugs we were launching at the event. From the first morning brew, we realized that it was more than relevant for BeCoffee to be present at this 4th edition of the event. It is difficult for us to comment on the conferences since our booth was swarmed by people.

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However, we can certainly comment on the responsiveness of the participants. For attendees who operated both starter cafés and the well-established ones alike, their enthusiasm was palpable. Even some coffee growers were sensitive to the quality of our products that greeted their beens. Many café owners and baristas took the time to discover our products and share their realities and challenges.

We must also highlight the strong interest of Bianca Lavoie, Co-founder of the event and Director of Communications, who wanted to welcome businesses from Québec City. This greatly motivated our decision to attend the event. According to Bianca:

"East Coast Coffee Madness was created not only to bring together the specialty coffee community in Montréal but also to promote its local artisans and demonstrate that the independent coffee scene on the east coast is alive and well. If we simply take the province of Québec, it is wrong to claim that everything is happening in Montréal, even though we have a larger and denser pool of cafes and specialty roasters than other regions of Québec. There are many other quality suppliers in the province. There should be no borders, per se, when it comes to coffee. After all, coffee is what brings people together. Inclusiveness, in a broader sense, is important to us.

, a company in Québec City, is an excellent example of the quality and authenticity we foster at our event. The team is completely aligned with our mission and vision. Even though I have known them for years, I found it important to contact them again this year to introduce the idea of ​​participating at ECCM to allow them to share their products with amateur and professional coffee lovers who hail from both here and from abroad. There is a great coffee scene in Québec City and I have been following the BeCoffee team since the business was founded.”

Pursuing the common goal of growing the specialty coffee community, the ECCM, with its roundtable discussions, conferences, exhibitors, attendees and amazing volunteers, was an event rich with flavors and discoveries for BeCoffee. We met so many passionate and motivated people who are thrilled about sharing their knowledge about coffee.

The BeCoffee team would also like to give a shout out to the friendly Bradley of PropellerCoffee, Structure Roaster for its delicious coffee, Pilot and its Cold Brew latte and our FrankGreen ambassador, Gaya Lio, from ImpactKitchen